Friday, May 18, 2012

Leather Strap Spanking: Corporal Punishment in the News ~ A Real Military ...

Leather Strap Spanking: Corporal Punishment in the News ~ A Real Military ...: Below is a written account that describes the Discipline that young male cadets receive daily at Chamberlain-Hunt Academy. “Cha...


  1. Regarding Corporal punishment Military -It looks like all of these Young man look good in there uniforms .Ian sure they look better as they prepare for thereLeather Strap Spanking they all will get later .In as much they have earned a Spanking LeatherStrap style .I believe there Hides-need to given a good dose of the Strap in order that don't forget what happens when you Disobey rules and regulations.Bring on the Strap and lets Whip some Bare Ass-until they are all blistered and Welted

  2. anonymous----In regard to these three young men .They certainly look good in there Military UniformsHowever three reason for there visit to the punishment office they appears to be some infractions as it applies to obeying military rules and regulations .This means they all will need to be punished.The punishment called for IIn this situation is a first classSpanking with a Leather Strap .Each one of these fellows will receive this punishment one at a time laying there Bare Hides across the Spanking Bench.?In as much as this isn't the first time this Spanking will need to be a serve one .In addition because Disobeying Rules is a serious Military Infraction this Spanking will begin with a Skin to Skin Spanking (Hand )forva warm up to the spanking with the strap