Friday, December 2, 2011


With the Group-Owner's permission, I'd like to invite all members on this list to join my Adult Yahoo Group, The Leather Room, hosting Leathersex S/M stories culled from the thousands available on the internet for the quality of their writing on themes interesting to Leathermen, as well as discussion regarding all aspects of the Leather sub-culture, in particular, the Master-slave dynamic.

We manage to say interesting things while respecting one another.  Why not drop by to check out a great group of Men and boys, Masters, Sirs, and slaves?

The Leather Room appeals to Men wishing to enhance their lives by finding and owning properties available to them, and appeals to submissive males by providing a large number of Men seeking to use the properties available.  

The Leather Room provides a growing resource on the web for all things Leather, including useful links, files, and a vast collection of photographs available through the encrypted links provided on site.

Members of The Leather Room also receive selected Leather-themed photographs on a regular basis.  To receive these photos, please set your membership to Individual Emails.

Since email conversations can from time to time generate a great deal of mail to your box, we suggest that you set your membership delivery to Daily Digest if you want no more than one email per day from the group.  You will miss the emailed photos, but you will have full link access to the messages and stories, which you would then download manually.

All members are invited to post their pictures, tell their stories, and use the resources of the site to learn more about Leather.  They are also welcome to post their profiles on our brother group,GrovelB4Me, which uses Yahoo's Groups Labs (Beta) Applications to help Men and submissive males find each other.


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